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 Ontario, Canada


What people in Ontario have said about the NAMI Family-to-Family Education course:

One young lady, an ill family member, came with her parents to the final lesson. She told the class "The fact that my parents took the course probably saved my life. Without the education they received I would not have called them to help me when I overdosed."

"Fantastic - very well structured - a must for all family members. Increased awareness about what is being done in research - more hopeful about recovery. A real empathy workshop; more compassion."

"Excellent. I feel this Education Course has saved my son's life as well as mine. It has given me strength and understanding so I can better understand and help him in a positive direction."

"I think this is the best course anybody could take to better understand the illnesses and it helps you learn to better care for that person. It's a course that I think everyone should take. I wish I had it 6 years ago when things started with my wife."

"Lots of good information, well researched, compassionate, says what no one else is saying but should be. Very encouraging that I'm not the only one frustrated and disappointed with the lack of competent compassionate mental health professionals out there."

"I thought the course was wonderful: so much knowledge and information put before us. It was a lot to absorb - I know I will be using it for reference and re-read to get me through the rough patches for years to come."

"Incredible - supportive, educational, grounding, comforting, positive, pro-active."